Starting Your Own Firm: Tools You Need for Success

In my previous article, “Should You Stay or Should You Go? Opening Your Own Practice,” I focused on how to decide whether you want to leave a firm to start your own accounting or bookkeeping practice – the most difficult part of the process. By the time you’ve made the decision to go out on your own, you have most likely already started thinking about what your practice is going to be like and working out many of the details in your head. That, for me, is where the fun begins!

Here’s what you need to know about creating a plan and related specifics, including the type of computer equipment you’ll need, and the software and applications you’ll use in your practice.

Your first step is to determine how you will be working with your clients and what services you’ll be offering. Will you be meeting face to face somewhere onsite, or do you plan to be a virtual firm and meet online? When I left my old firm to start Satterley Training & Consulting, I made four decisions:

It would just be me for a while.
I wanted to work with my clients virtually, from my home office.
I knew the type of services I wanted to provide.
I knew the type of clients I wanted to serve.
These pieces of the puzzle set the foundation for deciding on the tools and applications I would choose for my practice.

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